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                          Service Hotline:400-873-0809    中文 | English
                          DEISS ELEVATOR(CHINA)CO.,LTD.

                          Founded in American Utah State in 1980, DEISS Company supplies connectors and solution plans for automobiles, electric home appliances and factories.It set up DEISS ELEVATOR (USA) INC in 1983. DEISS Company always keeps the concept of "safe arrival because of high quality". Over 30 years, it devotes itself to researching into, developing, manufacturing,installing, repairing,maintaining,renewing,transforming transport systems such as elevator,escalator,moving walk etc.

                          Abundant strength founds great splendor
                          DEISS ELEVATOR(CHINA)CO.,LTD. focus on expanding global markets.Glory is a kind of acknoledgement. Recalling the past, we well-make every advancing step. DEISS Elevator adheres to brand concept of "High-tech founds dreams. High quality brings about a bright future." It gets multiple achievements in the aspects of elevator technology, outline design, environment-protection and energy-saving etc. It has been acknowledged by Elevator Association, Governmental Departments. We keep uniting together and forging ahead. We continuously struggle and make innovations. Our glorious records can not be copied by others.

                          From public buildings to the commercial center, from the commercial buildings into residential quarters, DEISS of each product are derived from the full view of the customer.
                          • PASSENGER ELEVATOR
                            It has a variety of options to meet the installation needs of different occasions.
                          • OBSERVATION ELEVATOR
                            To meet the diverse needs of customers, allows customers to enjoy running up and down all the scenery.
                          • HOSPITAL ELEVATOR
                            Warm and simple interior decoration and color collocation, giving passengers a comfortable humane care.
                          • HOME ELEVATOR
                            Learn from Europe and high-end private residential use experience, to create higher security requirements and the use of comfort.
                          • FREIGHT ELEVATOR
                            For a variety of load cases, according to different conditions and customer needs.
                          • DUMBWAITER ELEVATOR
                            Fast, convenient and economical vertical transportation, saving time and human resources.
                          • ESCALATOR
                            High-efficiency energy-saving control system, effectively reducing energy consumption.
                          • MOVING WALK
                            Convenient, fast, smooth, comfortable, safe and beautiful. Between the upper and lower, Rulvpingdi.
                          Product advantage
                          Product advantage
                          Quality First

                          Quality First— —Strict quality control to ensure that each product is truly safe elevator Days, reliable, durable and comfortable;
                          Energy Efficient

                          Energy Efficient— —Uphold the world's leading renewable energy technology theory, energy-saving effect is more pronounced, energy efficiency is much higher than similar products;
                          Safe And Dependable

                          Safe And Dependable— —Through scientific means to eliminate a lot of heat generated by the braking resistor to extend the service life of the elevator, and improve the safety;
                          Convenient Mute

                          Convenient Mute— —Installation process easy, simple operation; international leading technology to effectively suppress interference Boeing, enjoy the comfort elevator.
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